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Welcome to the new economy

We bridge the gap between the cryptoeconomy and traditional industries.






Consulting Services

Business Development

We will help you identify & prioritize new opportunities

We provide market entry & development services for business looking to expand to Japan, Latin America, & North America. We’ll help you navigate the local business landscape.

We take our time to build strong relationships & know how to leverage them to help source new deals, acquire market intelligence, & align industry activities.

Our Team can distill the needs of your customers back to your product team & identify opportunities to drive business growth.

Project Management

Need an experienced hand? Our Founders have a proven track record of leading complex, multi-stakeholder, multi-million to billion-dollar projects in digital asset management, traditional finance, & government.

We will plan, manage, & execute your project. We excel at leading cross-functional teams, & we've been a remote-first company since inception. We'll work with you to define the vision, scope the work, secure a budget, allocate resources, set KPIs & track performance.

Live Streaming & Social Media

Raise your social media presence to the next level. We’ll guide you through the tools to stream your videos & podcasts across multiple platforms – Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, & TikTok. 

Look polished in livestreams, online meetings & events, in your own DIY home studio. We'll work with you to create a studio set up within your budget.


We create educational videos & online courses for blockchain companies. We can help you make your own content from your DIY home studio. Reach out to us if you’re struggling to connect with your audience online now that you can’t see your customers face-to-face.

Boost your brand with online video

Savvy marketers & content creators are pivoting to videoOnline video is the fastest-growing digital channel & has become the most effective form of marketing. 

Let’s tell your story – we'll work with you to develop captivating content that resonates with your targeted audience. We will collaborate with you every step of the way to create, plan, film, edit, broadcast, & market your video

We have 6 years of experience producing educational videos about technology and digital assets. Our work speaks for itself.

Create educational or marketing videos

We develop English and Spanish speaking content. Reach out to us if you would like to expand your customer base into Latin America. Here are some recent examples of our work:

Make your online content pop!

We'll make your website, videos, & social media posts stand out with custom animations & graphics.

Bitcoin character by Aniwhite


Ready to level up?

We offer:

  • Seminars, workshops, & product demonstrations
  • Courses & educational materials customized for you or off-the-shelf
  • Speaking engagements at conferences & events
  • Executive meetings & retreats (Japan only)

Training & Workshops

We have delivered over 400 educational sessions to Executives, policy makers, institutional clients and students in English, Spanish and Japanese

We tailor the content to our audience – whether you’re a beginner, a financial maven, or technical expert, we’ll help you understand Bitcoin, blockchain, and the cryptoecosystem in a way that’s meaningful to you.

Take a course

Learn from professionals in the Bitcoin, crypto and blockchain industry. We can customize educational content to your specific needs & level of knowledge.

Build a course

We can work with you to create multi-lingual courses in English, Spanish & Japanese.

Featured Educational & Ecosystem Development Content

Metamesh & Bitvo Webinar: Tips to protect your crypto & privacy 

Consensus Distributed 2020 Interview on QuadrigaXC with Metamesh’s Magdalena Gronowska

Canadian Ecosystem Study (Contribution by Metamesh) 

Canadian Industry Response to Regulators on Proposed Regulations (led by Metamesh)

Unhashed Podcast Episode 91: The Tiger King of Crypto

MetaMesh Team

We are a team of technology, finance, and policy experts in North America, Latin America, & Asia.

We have world-class experience working at top organizations & our team has worked with a broad range of businesses – from start-ups to multinationals – from 12 different industries to help them launch, scale, & compete globally. 

We are passionate about Bitcoin & immersed in the cryptoecosystem. Our Founding Partners have been providing educational content on Bitcoin since 2014 & have helped launch regulated Bitcoin products on the Toronto Stock exchange.

Magdalena Gronowska

Magdalena Gronowska

Partner, Senior Consultant

North America

Daiv Boveri

Daiv Boveri

Partner, Senior Consultant & Customer Engagement

North America

Joaquin Moreno

Joaquin Moreno

Partner, Senior Consultant & Business Development

Latin America

Jim Maricondo

Jim Maricondo

Partner, Business Development

Micah Dameron

Micah Dameron

Partner, Senior Technical Consultant

North America

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Chicago, Illinois