Libra: Diving into What's Really Important

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Libra is a controversial new digital currency being developed by Facebook, in collaboration with some of the worlds largest tech companies. It has raised significant concerns from governments and central banks, brought the discussion of digital currencies into the mainstream, and kicked off the acceleration of global digital currency wars.

In this webinar, we dive down into:

  • What Libra is, why it was developed, and how it works
  • The regulatory, technical and social challenges Libra faces

Magdalena Gronowska

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How to Protect Your Crypto-Assets & Privacy: Operating in a Post-Quadriga World

The Canadian crypto wild west is slowly becoming tamed through regulation – but many consumer risks remain.

Join industry experts and crypto veterans for an educational session on how to avoid common pitfalls and how to better protect your privacy. You’ll learn useful tips on:

  • How to avoid exchange failures, SIM hacks and scams
  • How to safeguard your crypto-assets and private keys
  • How to better manage your privacy

This session will also dive down into the lessons learned from the $200 million failure of Canada’s largest cryptocurrency Exchange and what the industry is doing to better protect consumers.

This webinar will be led by Pam Draper, the CEO of Bitvo Cryptocurrency Exchange, and Magdalena Gronowska, Partner at MetaMesh and an Inspector in the QuadrigaCX bankruptcy. 

This webinar has been pre-recorded and is available on demand anytime! 

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Regulations 101: Coming to a Wild West Near You

Webinar Date to be Announced

The crypto Wild West is being tamed in Canada. This Webinar will cover:

  • Why companies need to know the rules
  • The current regulatory framework in Canada
  • The impact of upcoming changes on the crypto industry
  • What’s needed for our industry to thrive

Magdalena Gronowska


Chicago, Illinois

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