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We are a team of technology, finance and public sector experts with world-class experience working at organizations like ConsenSys, Toyota, Tenaris, Globant, NIU, ETS, and the Canadian government.

Our founding Partners have extensive experience developing new products for both blockchain and traditional industries across the globe and in developing new markets.

No matter where you are, we can help you – our team of experts spans the globe, including North America, Latin America, and Asia. 

Our Team Experience


We’ve worked on projects in:

  • North Amercia: Canada, US, Mexico, Puerto Rico
  • South America: Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile
  • Asia Pacific: Japan, Philippines
  • Europe: Estonia


    We’ve worked across a diverse set of industries:

    • Technology & Information
    • Finance & Insurance
    • Public Administration
    • Utilities & Energy
    • Manufacturing
    • Mining
    • Retail
    • Transportation
    • Professional Services
    • Educational Services
    • Entertainment
    • Construction


    Over 400 training, education & speaking engagements delivered locally & internationally in English, Spanish and Japanese.

      Our Team



      Magdalena Gronowska

      Partner, Senior Consultant, Crypto Assets & Regulatory

      Magdalena has a decade of experience leading complex $million and $billion projects that accelerate business growth, technology deployment and low-carbon economic transition. She has 10 years of experience providing strategic advice to government and has dedicated her career to designing solutions that leverage technology and private markets for maximum social impact.

      Magdalena is a fintech and blockchain entrepreneur and is active in the Canadian crypto-asset space. She is a Partner at MetaMesh, founded the Canadian Digital Asset Coalition, sits on the Board of Inspectors in the $200 million Quadriga bankruptcy, and advises the Blockchain for Climate Foundation.

      Daiv Boveri

      Partner, Senior Consultant & Customer Engagement

      Daiv Boveri is a senior consultant and partner at MetaMesh. He works closely with clients to understand what their users need and how they think. He does this in two ways. The first is by drawing on his experience working at startups to use the Lean UX approach to developing new products. This approach entails working directly with users at every step of the way. Daiv conducts the user interviews with his clients, designs wire frames and prototypes, and runs the UX and user testing for feedback and rapid turnaround.

      The second way Daiv works to understand his clients’ users is by drawing on his experience as a cognitive psychologist. He draws on this to understand how people process information and understand the world around him. He uses this to guide UX interviews, make interface choices, and construct deep, cognitive mental models of how users use your app. As a social scientist, Daiv can construct user surveys and analyze data to understand a users emotional, motivational, and informational experience with a product.

      When he’s not dreaming of a blockchain-based future, you can find Daiv playing traditional Irish music, reading about watches on the internet, and listening to NPR.

      Joaquin Moreno

      Partner, Senior Consultant & Business Development

      Joaquin Moreno has been in the Bitcoin and Blockchain space since 2013. He created the 1st Bitcoin online course in Spanish (2014) and Portuguese (2014), and co-founded Mondome – a comparison site that helped find the best way to send money around the world. 

      In 2015, Joaquin founded the Blockchain practice at Globant (NYSE:GLOB, with +7000 employees around the world) where he led a number of global blockchain teams and created partnerships with blockchain platforms. More recently, Joaquin developed the ConsenSys business in Colombia, Central America and Mexico, and is currently the co-founder and a Senior Consultant at Metamesh.

      Joaquin also participated on the launch of the Latin American and Caribbean Chain (LACCHAIN) in Colombia and Mexico, an initiative sponsored by the Interamerican Development Bank, and is member of the Alianza Blockchain Iberoamericana. Joaquin also brings payments and remittance experience to MetaMesh from his former role as the Regional Manager for LatAm at Zipzap Inc.



      Introductory courses on Bitcoin and Blockchain in Spanish



      Jim Maricondo

      Partner & Business Development

      Formerly a hardcore developer, Jim now focuses on blockchain business development, specializing between the US and Japan. At ConsenSys, he created and executed plans for the Tokyo office, sourced opportunities and partnerships with Japanese and US enterprises, and participated in the due diligence team for the in-house venture capital investment platform.

      A Silicon Valley techie with an entrepreneurial and cross-cultural mindset, Jim has many years of experience in international business development, partner strategy, product and software engineering. He especially understand the mindset of Japanese companies and customers and can eliminate “lost in translation moments”.

      As VP of Strategic Alliances at ISI-Dentsu of America, Jim grew the SF team from 1 to 6 people, focusing on targeted open innovation and unlocking value between US startups and the Japan Dentsu Group. At Cepton, Jim sold LiDAR sensors to leading Japanese OEMs and Tier-1’s for autonomous vehicle applications.

      Receiving BSCS and MSCS degrees from Stanford, Jim studied at Stanford’s Center for Technology and Innovation (SCTI) in Kyoto. Jim has over 10 years of experience studying and living in Japan, reading and writing fluent Japanese, including technical and business documents. He has a passion for breaking down cultural barriers and translating language and customs between American and foreign groups to bridge diverse cultures across people and help realize their business goals.

      Micah Dameron

      Partner & Senior Technical Consultant

      Micah Dameron is a Blockchain subject-matter expert, and has worked in the space since 2016. Prior to joining ConsenSys, he worked in precision machining, but has made a space for himself in the software world working at ConsenSys. At ConsenSys, Micah contributed to The Ethereum Ontology, wrote “The Ethereum Beigepaper, conducted security audits (Github), contributed content to the ConsenSys Media Blog, and to the ethSpring Crypto Zine.

      In February of 2019, Micah joined MetaMesh with a team of colleagues from ConsenSys. Since working at MetaMesh, Micah has the managed and built a prediction markets platform (, and now consults on software, user experience, and technical aspects of Blockchain projects. Micah values transparency, autonomy, and the design of frictionless system interactions. This is demonstrated in his writing, which aims to be explanatory first, and give questions to his readers second.

      On the side, Micah is interested in philosophical discourse, applied economic thinking, analytical psychology, and the multifarious convergence of unrelated fields into sensible and orientating directions.

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